About Fraser

Fraser Anderson has always had a passion for Orkney, its history and heritage. Even from an early age the look and feel of an Orkney Chair captivated him, and he quickly developed an interest in working with wood. 

In 2004, after working with a local craftsman and gaining an SVQ in Hand Crafted Furniture at Orkney College, Fraser launched his own business, giving him the chance to explore his fascination with island traditions and furniture-making further.

It takes remarkable confidence and determination to begin managing your own business at just 19 years old, but Fraser has relished the challenge. It was always his ambition to create furniture from wood and he’s proud to be able to continue building unique pieces with strong links to Orkney’s past.

Over the years he has become known for his ability to produce beautiful traditional items, as well as helping to move this generations-old craft forward with innovative and bespoke designs. He has also undertaken a number of successful commissions, with furniture built to fit the exact needs of customers from around the world.

His furniture is all hand crafted in his workshop in Kirkwall with the finest timber, and sometimes driftwood collected from the Orkney shoreline. He still uses traditional methods, with machines only relied on to bring the wood down to size. Everything is done by hand, from start to finish, with a nod to this unique Orcadian tradition.

Fraser works with his wife Becky and other members of his family to continue to create these special pieces of furniture and is a well-respected member of the Orkney Crafts Association. Visit him in his workshop and explore the website to find out more about what we do.