Orkney creepies

‘Creepie’ is an Orcadian dialect word for an old milking stool – to ‘creep’ means to bend down low, and the stools were low to the ground. They traditionally had two solid sides with boards along the top to form the seat. The stools also had finger holes in the top so workers could carry them across the byre without too much trouble.

These days, plenty of homes around the world will have their own Orkney Creepie, possibly as a decorative piece. We built them in the traditional style, with the solid sides. We only use a single board across the top though – this gives the stool a strong structure and means it can be used for sitting on, standing on or even as a small table.

The Creepie is a popular wedding gift too – we can personalise the top of the stool with names and dates, and we can also turn the traditional finger holes in the top into a heart shape to celebrate the special occasion.

Find out more from our Wedding Gift List page.

Furniture Options

  • Furniture also available in driftwood
  • Alternative wood
  • Made to measure
  • Engraving

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