Kissing Orkney Chair

This is our bold twist on the classic Orkney chair style. We launched this to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the business in 2014 and it has a particularly romantic theme to it!

We were approached about building a chair for a bride and groom at a local wedding and we began coming up with new ideas. We settled on the Kissing Orkney Chair, which is designed for two people to sit next to each, in opposite directions. It has a lower back which means that the occupants can have their upper bodies free to let their romantic side shine!

It’s 100% original and showcases a different style to the more traditional items we create. It’s a showpiece chair and highlights what can be done with straw work too.

Furniture Options

  • With drawer
  • Furniture also available in driftwood
  • Alternative wood
  • Available in gents, ladies, child, and even infant sizes
  • Hidden compartment
  • Solid or sea grass seat
  • Made to measure
  • Engraving

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