The Round-Backed Chair

Designed specifically with comfort in mind, Fraser's round-backed easy chair is a revolution in Orkney chair making.

This was our first original Orkney Chair design, and the first new design for an Orkney Chair in decades. It helped us make a statement when we launched our business, and we first showcased it at Scotland’s International Trade Show in Glasgow in 2005.

We wanted something different, something that referenced the traditional building method but with a unique style. After several designs and ideas, the round-backed chair was born.

A traditional Orkney Chair was built for use in an upright position, but this chair is designed with comfort in mind! It has a curved back which will support your body whether you choose to sit upright or in a more relaxed manner.

Described as ‘an Orkney Chair as you have never seen before’, the back takes sixty hours to stitch and it has become one of our most popular pieces. It’s one we’re still particularly proud of.

We also got a surprise in 2010 when we found an old chair with a similar design. This one was used in an Orkney home around a hundred years ago and doesn’t include lumber support, but it does highlight just how innovative and talented the craftspeople of the islands were back then. We now house this old chair in our showroom to showcase how the past and present often merge.

Furniture Options

  • With drawer
  • Furniture also available in driftwood
  • Alternative wood
  • Available in gents, ladies, child, and even infant sizes
  • Hidden compartment
  • Add rockers
  • Solid or sea grass seat
  • Made to measure
  • Engraving

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