Making our driftwood go further

March 5th 2024

As any furniture maker or craftsperson will tell you, we don’t like wasting our wood! We always try and find some use for our offcuts and spare sections.

We’re especially keen to do that with any driftwood we have left after our bespoke pieces of furniture have been delivered to their new homes. We work with driftwood in much the same way previous generations of Orcadians would have, sourcing it on the shore, drying it out, cutting it carefully before crafting it into a beautiful item.

But, when it comes to the clear-up after a project, we really don’t want to throw our special sea-stained cuttings into the firewood pile.

So, to fully maximise the use of these beautiful pieces of wood, we’ve created some new tables, made from sections salvaged from the shore. You can see some examples in our gallery below.

Some of the tables have been created using the offcuts from Driftwood creepies. Those triangles were too good to throw out and we knew we had to create something with them!

Our driftwood collection can come in a variety of timbers, some softwood and some hardwood, although it always depends on what the seas around Orkney deliver. It almost certainly will have that stunning sea-staining running through it, and we always leave it with a natural finish.

It's not just Driftwood creepies that provide such stunning off cuts, one of the tables is made with off cuts from Oak Creepies.

If you’re on the hunt for a small item or just something a bit different for your home. You’d also be helping us make the most of our woodpile too – don’t worry, we’re prepared to wrap up warm in the workshop if we run out of things to burn!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more. Visit our available now page to see more about these bonny tables.