Orkney Hooded Chair

This type of chair has a very striking appearance, with high sides and an enclosed hood over the top of the seat area. They were designed to keep the warmth of the peat fire in and the cold draughts of an old croft house out.

Like many Orkney chairs, the style was down to personal preference. Some people liked the feeling of being enclosed, others preferred to be able to see around them. It also depended on the amount of driftwood to hand, or the availability of straw to stitch the back together.

We think it’s also a chair that makes a statement. Now that most homes are insulated and draughts have become a thing of the past, the hooded chair is often chosen for appearance alone. The chairs can come with a drawer included, which complements the design well.

Furniture Options

  • With drawer
  • Furniture also available in driftwood
  • Alternative wood
  • Available in gents, ladies, child, and even infant sizes
  • Hidden compartment
  • Add rockers
  • Solid or sea grass seat
  • Made to measure
  • Hood
  • Engraving

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